Jul 01, 2023

Music To Our Ears: Gear For First

Unleash the inner rockstar with these must-haves for first-time musicians. From air guitar practice to “Is that a note or a squiggle?” moments on the keyboard, these tools will make your musical journey more entertaining than a dancing cat video. Embrace the harmonious chaos, just like your practice room after a jam session. Soothe your eardrums with beginner-friendly instruments that say, “It’s okay, we all start somewhere.” Remember, even Beethoven hit a few wrong keys before composing masterpieces.

Whether you’re a maestro-in-the-making or a guitar-strumming newbie, these products will be your backstage pass to music stardom (or just a great time trying). From cost-effective instruments to best bets for rosin, grease and metronomes (you’ll understand those terms soon enough!), this is the gear you need to turn up the volume. Time to make some noise – sorry, neighbors!

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Rock that rhythm with the mechanical metronome. No more off-beat mishaps — this little wonder keeps your tempo on track. Perfect for piano, violin, guitar and even the elusive air guitar. Ding! Ding! Its audible click and charming bell ring make practicing a breeze. Wind it up, set your tempo (40-208 bpm) and groove away without worrying about batteries. Beginners and pros, it’s time to jam.

Step up your accessory game with this music note-emblazoned lanyard. Tired of blending in? This music-inspired key lanyard screams “individuality.” No fading, just fabulous! The black and white combo is your style symphony. Feel the comfort all day— from attending band camp to running errands. It can handle the hustle, too — durable, flexible and totally unfazed by daily chaos.

It’s maintenance made fun with the ultimate instrument care kit. Flex those flute-cleaning muscles with the flexible bore brush, dust brush and cleaning cloth tag team. And wait for it … premium cork grease! (I know, I was excited, too.) Durable, safe and even odorless (no weird flute aromas), you’ll have a squeaky clean flute or piccolo in minutes.

Level up your guitar game with these flashcards that pack a punch. Forget boring posters and stickers — these cards make memorizing notes to the 12th fret feel like a rockstar’s encore. Major scales and pentatonic patterns? Yep, you’ll own those too. Interval shapes, key signatures chord formulas? Check, check and check! And those chords? Nailed it. Old counting systems? Say goodbye.

Let’s talk about bags, shall we? This one’s the real deal. Made of waterproof oxford cloth, it laughs in the face of tears, scratches and spills. Zippers? Oh yeah, they’ve been durability-tested and aced the challenge. Inside, it’s like a book-loving TARDIS. Hardcover books? No problemo. Music theory books? You betcha. Side mesh pockets can handle your phone or water bottle. Think of it as your ultimate piano lesson partner.

Tune like a pro with the UberTuner — your instrument’s new BFF! It’s like a tuning wizard, with modes for guitar, bass, violin, ukulele and even a chromatic mode for all those “Bb, C, D, Eb, F” moments. No more wrestling with ambient noise, thanks to its superhero-like Piezo Sensor. And that bright color display? It’s like a traffic light for your tuning. Green’s your goal, red’s a no-go, and yellow’s… well, let’s avoid that, shall we?

Unleash your inner Mozart with the music composition template. No more scribbles that even your pet can’t decipher. This magical template brings the pro touch to your music notes and symbols. A matching staff tablet? Oh yes, please. Scribble away with any sharp pencil or fine-tip pen — heck, even your grandma’s quill pen would work. Whether you’re a rockstar or a budding Beethoven, this template’s got your musical back.

Calling all future violin virtuosos! Tired of that “note confusion dance” on your violin? Enter the fantastic finger guides — making violin notes your new favorite hobby. Say goodbye to sticky messes—these easy-peasy decals stick without the icky aftermath. Whether you’re just fiddling around or taking things seriously, the patented design’s got your fingerboard navigation covered. From open string triangles to sharp/flat note ovals, your violin journey’s about to hit the right note — literally.

Bow brilliance is in your grasp with the thumb tango, pinky powerhouse and index insider — all with better placement thanks to the Bow Buddy. Imagine a thumb that’s both supple and snazzy — it’s the life of the bowing party. The pinky? It’s like a bow control commander, with its curvy moves and smooth style. And that index finger? It’s got the stick handled like a pro DJ, rocking pressure and pull for the ultimate bow groove. Tune up, bow down!

Eastar’s Bb trumpet: where timbre meets awesomeness. Its sound? Pure, powerful and practically a timbre treasure hunt. From beginner to pro, this brass baby’s got you covered. Worried about sticky valves? Fear not — the unique valve system eliminates it. With craftsmanship that’s practically art, this trumpet boasts precision pipes and top-notch playability. Unwrap a world of sound — complete with gloves, cleaning gear, mouthpiece and a hard case.

Say goodbye to music struggles and hello to Meridee’s Chord Crash Course — where patterns are your musical partner. Skip the sheet music maze and dive into piano prowess using the magic of chords. Singing and strumming? Yep, you’re the whole band now. Whether you’re a beginner with dreams or an instructor on the hunt for musical magic, this series is your backstage pass to piano awesomeness. This book is perfect for older beginners and adults.

Unleash your inner Mozart with the ultimate clarinet start set — perfect for beginners with musical dreams. For less than $180, you’ll get a clarinet, case, mouthpiece, reeds (10 of them!), cork grease, cleaning cloth, gloves, stand — heck, it’s practically a clarinet party! Lightweight and adjustable, it’s your portable orchestra on the go. Get ready to dazzle ears and look darn good doing it.

Elevate your music reading game with these book clips. Crafted from stainless steel with a polished precision that’s smoother than a sax solo. And nope, these clips won’t throw book tantrums or hand scratches —no burrs in sight. They even rock a velvet bag for storage. From musicians and chefs to professors and pastors, they’re the multitasking champs of the book world. Plus, they’re tougher than the competition, ready for page-flipping action without a chip, break, rust or corrode in sight.

Get ready to jazz up your music sessions. This adjustable, collapsible music stand is like a chameleon – it changes height and angle to suit your groove. The metal tripod has some serious dance moves too, with non-slip rubber caps for stability. Whether you’re sitting or rocking on your feet, this 2-in-1 wonder’s got you covered. Perfect for gigs or jamming at home!

Give your tunes a twist with this nifty ring. Changing keys is as easy as a spin – no magic wand required. Adjust notes by steps or half steps effortlessly. It’s your personal key-changing sidekick. Shift up a major 2nd? Spin the top band twice. Go beyond basics with tricks like descending 5ths root dance. Jazz it up with ii-V-I’s! And hey, it’s not just music magic, it’s a stylish statement too.

For the maestros of puzzling, behold the 3x3x3 cube serenading your brain. This musical masterpiece swaps regular colors for funky notes, hitting all the right chords. Get your brain grooving with memory boosts and finger finesse. It’s not just a puzzle – it’s a gift-o-rama for your crew. Made with eco-friendly materials, it’s your jam whether you’re flexing brainpower or just jazzing up downtime.

Elevate your rehearsals with this sleek black music folder – a budding (and otherwise) musician’s must-have! Say goodbye to chaotic notes and hello to organized elegance. Scribble away on the note page without a glare showdown – just top and bottom covered. No more sheet shuffle! Hold up to 80 music sheets, so you’re never in a note frenzy.

Light up your music world with this clip-on lamp. With 57 LEDs shining like stars, it’s your stage’s best friend. No more squinting – these lights are spread like confetti on your sheet music. Pick from three colors and tweak brightness like a champ. There’s even a cozy amber mode for your eyes. And talk about stamina – this lamp parties for up to 140 hours without a charge hassle. Illuminate and conquer, music master!

Unleash your inner composer with this Beethoven-inspired pen. Pen meets wisdom with his timeless quote etched in style. It’s got a twisty cap, signed by the man himself. (Sort of.) This pen’s no lightweight – a hefty 30g of inspired elegance. Scribble away with black ink, then keep the vibe going with G2 ink refills. Skip disposables and let your notes hit all the right symphonic notes.

Wrap your device (or your music gear) in the neoprene hug it deserves. This bag’s got you covered against the dust-and-scratches war. It’s more versatile than a pop song – wear it as a shoulder hug or rock it as a carry buddy. Extra storage pocket for your tiny treasures – picks, pens and all things essential. Two sides flaunt the same coolness. It’s the fashion parade for the whole music squad.

Time to jazz up your paperwork game! Get ready for the musical paper clip extravaganza – 100 pieces of note-filled magic, all jazzed up in red, purple, yellow, black, green and gold. These aren’t your average clips – they’re like a mini-concert on your desk. Perfect for the music maestro or anyone needing a symphony of organization. Tunes, clips and good vibes – work’s never been this melodious.

Time to put those music ideas on paper like a pro. This staff paper book’s got your back – 100 pages of pure musical playground. With six big staves per page, it’s like a symphony of space. And at 8.5 x 11 inches, it’s your roomy canvas for notes to dance. Lost in notation? Fear not – there’s a guide. Flip to the back for your secret musical language stash.

Tick-tock, it’s time for a time twist! Meet the Secura visual timer – your time-traveling sidekick in getting those practice hours in. In just 60 minutes, you’ll conquer tasks like a time lord. No rocket science here – turn the dial and watch time fly. No ticking tantrums for the kiddos either. They’ll be wowed by the blue disc magic. Oh, and don’t worry, it’s not a battery eater – just 2 “AAA” buddies needed.

Do you want to hear your budding musician struggle through “Mary Had A Little Lamb” a hundred times on repeat? Of course not, which is why you need these studio headphones. Adaptable to any device with a 3.5mm or 6.35mm audio jack, they can practice for hours and you’ll never be the wiser. Cushioned ears? Check. Stretchable headband? Double check. No adapter dance – just plug in and vibe (in silence).

Unleash the piano beast! This keyboard’s got a sound range that’s like a symphony of 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, and more beats than your dancing shoes can handle. Dive into learning with 61 keys that’ll make you feel like a musical genius. And talk about a sticker surprise – it comes with a set of clear labels for piano mastery. Get ready to rock the effects – vibrato, sustain, ensemble – it’s a musical rollercoaster.

Time to give your guitar a cozy ride. This bag’s like a bodyguard for your musical mate – no rips, no scratches, just pure guitar love. The rubber-bottom hug stops the bumps, while the neck strap keeps things in line during transport. Take this bag on a musical adventure – it’s got adjustable straps and a side handle for the rockstar commute. Zippers? They’re metal and they groove! Plus, pockets for all your musical extras. Your guitar’s got a new travel buddy.

Time to pamper those strings. This magic tool is for all stringed instrument lovers – guitars, cellos, violins and more. Made with tough plastic armor, it’s ready for the string battle. And guess what? It’s got a double identity – rust remover and smoothness sorcerer, all in one! It’s like a spa day for your strings – they’ll come out smooth as silk. Pop it in your bag and go.

Sticker your way to piano prowess. These transparent stickers are like style for your keys, minus the fashion police. Laminated for a scratch-free jam, they’re built to handle those rockstar moments. From 49 to 88 keys, they’ve got you covered. And they’re not just any stickers – each note’s got a color-coded personality, making memory a breeze. Keys are cool, but color-coded keys? That’s the real jam.

Upgrade your sax game with a dash of ‘stache! This quirky add-on is like the ultimate saxophone accessory. It’s not just facial hair – it’s a musical statement. A sax player’s dream gift – who needs socks anyway? Sax, stache, and total satisfaction – you’re ready to blow the crowd away! Just remember, it’s ‘stache-only, no mouthpiece included here.

Get ready to rosin and roll with the big-sized champion. This rosin’s handmade for your violin, viola and cello escapades – no favoritism here. With grip that’s tighter than a groupie’s hug, it’ll make those strings sing. Oh, and guess what? It’s not a dust bunny collector – natural and safe for all your fiddling fun. Sensitive sounds, pure tones, and no noise drama – it’s rosin’s time to shine.

Pamper your cork with organic TLC. This chapstick-style miracle’s like a greasy hug (but in a good way) for your instrument. Cork not feeling the vibe? No problem – this stick’s got you covered. Made from organic sunflower oil, beeswax and more, it’s the ultimate cork spa treatment. No mess, no fuss – just smooth connections and seal of approval.

Get ready to pick your groove with the ultimate celluloid rockstars! These Fender picks aren’t just for show – they’re the VIPs of your music party. Warm and round tones? Check. Pros’ favorites? Double check. They come in thin, medium and heavy – a pick for every mood swing. Oh, and the style? It’s not just about the music – it’s a fashion statement for your strings!

Calling all young pianists! Dive into the Disney world with these 20 hits made just for your piano adventure. Easy-peasy arrangements and secret practice tips make learning a piece of cake. From talking animals to magical worlds, play The Jungle Book’s groove, channel Lion King vibes, and even summon a snowstorm with Frozen’s “Let It Go.” Get ready for a musical journey with all your Disney pals – it’s like having a jam session in an enchanted kingdom.